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With the lockdown restrictions extending we can sympathise with you about not being able to visit the salon to get your colour refreshed and can understand why the number one question is about home colouring!

So, we thought we’d give you a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t colour your hair with a box dye and some handy tips on masking your root area and regrowth.

There are a number of reasons that we don’t recommend home colouring some of which include:

  1. It’s extremely difficult to match up colour. Often home box dyes, even though (in most cases) can be produced by the same brand name that your stylists would use don’t match. A blonde created in the salon is most definitely not the blonde that comes from a box.
    It’s impossible not to overlap! This causes sensitivity and darker bands in your hair and will inevitably cost you more in the long term when your salon of choice reopens.
  2. An uneven home colour application, especially at the back of your head, will lead to complications on your next salon visit due to varying lengths of regrowth, sensitivity and the above-mentioned overlapping.
  3. It’s more than guesswork. Not being able to assess and compensate for the natural distribution of pigment will mean you’ll likely end up with glowing roots. Your stylist had trained for years to be able to asses this and mix corresponding colours for neutralisation or enhancement.

If your regrowth is getting you down or you are becoming more and more conscious of it we suggest using a root touch up spray until you can call back into your salon of choice when it reopens.
The L’Oréal Root Touch Up Spray we stock in the salons, comes in 5 colours from a black all the way up to a blonde. These are great for diffusing your regrowth and also act as a blow-dry extender as they absorb your natural oils! These can be purchased online, on websites such as Looks Fantastic


Another trick is to mess up or cross over your parting. This will stop you from seeing your regrowth from both sides of your parting making it look twice as long! If your parting is defined either in the centre or the side what you are looking at is the regrowth of both sides. So if your regrowth is only half an inch with a defined parting it will visually look like it is 1 inch long. Angle your parting or go for a 90’s inspired zig-zag and this will mask your regrowth.

And we know hair doesn’t seem all that important right now but if we can help you feel a little bit better about yourself then we’re here to help.

This is why we have set up our email advice line to answer any of your hair related questions at this time.

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